A Thousand Year War Will End

What if there was no such thing as fate? What if it was all planned for us? Would you fight for your future? This is a story of a group that does. It's a story of the Human Race.

Helena was born into a cursed family, however, she is blessed with a gift that can reverse it.  She crosses paths with two strangers who start her on a journey of reversing the curse and it leads her to immense good but profound evil. 

Set in the future, in a region once known as Bavaria, two ancient monarchies are feuding for control over the land, power, and resources. Water is scarce, and is now bought and sold as a commodity. Most have perished.  The stakes are so low that survival is a daily struggle.  In some ways, humankind has evolved but in others it has also degenerated.  In order to save the future, they must visit the past.

The strangers possess an old quatrain which reveals the future is more than fate and that life is not just chance. Their plight to stop the degeneration where gold, water, and human lives serve as commodities that control society culminates to a prophetic battle which may lead to not only her death but to that of humankind.  

Written by Lisa Munsterhjelm
Starring Alaina Rochon, Dan Cade, Joachim Assboek

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